CTE Advisors

Nicole Blanco     nicole.blanco@jordandistrict.org   CTE Coordinator

Mark Sandberg     mark.sandberg@jordandistrict.org     Architecture

Darrell Love     darrell.love@jordandistrict.org     Agriculture

John Spencer     john.spencer@jordandistrict.org     Auto

Marta Diamond     marta.diamond@jordandistrict.org     Business

Lynn Rowe     lynn.rowe@jordandistrict.org   Business

Robert Willardson     robert.willardson@jordandistrict.org   Business

Marta Rae Diamond     martarae.diamond@jordandistrict.org  Computers

Marykay Scholl     marykay.scholl@jordandistrict.org     Computers

Kristy Yeschick     kristy.yeschick@jordandistrict.org     Computers

Sherrie Eloff     sherrie.eloff@jordandistrict.org      FACS

Barbara Harrison     barbara.harrison@jordandistrict.org     FACS

Robin Lewis     robin.lewis@jordandistrict.org     FACS

Jentry Jo Johnson     jentryjo.johnson@jordandistrict.org     Health

Kenneth McLaughlin     kenneth.mclaughlin2@jordandistrict.org    Tech Lab

Warlough Crane     warlough.crane@jordandistrict.org     Woodshop

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