Copper Hills in Top Two at State ASL Competition

Congratulations to all the students who competed in the State ASL Competition last Saturday.  There were 16 schools across the state of Utah that participated.  Copper Hills came away with 19 medals and was one of the top two contenders.   Here are the students who placed:
Level 1 Students
Expressive Category (Signing a story)
1st- Laura Ruiz
3rd- Branson Hirschi
Level 2 Students
ABC Story
2nd- Lindy Lafleur
Expressive Category
2nd- Shae Henrie
3rd- Ashley Woolfenden
Receptive Category
2nd- Amy Carpenter
3rd- Megan James
3rd- Larissa Jiron and Reagan Stirling
Level 3 Students
Deaf Art
1st- Reggie Haymond
Deaf Cinema
1st- Melissa Wight, Lia Hill, Amanda Waldron
2nd- Jonathan Higginbotham, Alexia Diaz, and Katie Singleton
2nd- Melissa Wight
ABC Story
2nd- Hailey Robinson
3rd- Lia Hill
Just as a side note, there are only 3 categories level 1 students can participate in, but there are 8 categories level 2 and 3 students can participate in. These students did such an incredible job representing Copper Hills!

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