Poetry SLAM Competition April 29th

We will be having a Poetry SLAM Competition for students on April 29th, at 3:00 p.m., in the tech atrium. Students with drama, poetry, performance, extemporaneous speaking, and amazingness skills are encouraged to participate.  If you have never been to a SLAM, it is a really fun experience and all students and faculty are encouraged to attend.

To participate, students must write a poem that does not exceed three minutes in length. There are no rules as far as style or type-of-poem are concerned, however, students may not use props or musical instruments. If planning to participate, students need to get their info to me by April 20th.

We will be having two SLAM Poets, RJ Walker from the Salt City SLAM Team, and Kari Lindsey, President of the University of Utah SLAM Team presenting a SLAM workshop for students on Monday, April 22nd, during 3rdperiod in the library. If you are interested in attending please contact Mr. Haslam in #1821.

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