Kaitlyn Huefner Awarded NIAAA Student Athlete Scholarship


Congratulations to Copper Hills student Kaitlyn Huefner who was awarded the NIAAA Student Athlete Scholarship.  Only one female and one male in each state is awarded this scholarship every year .  Winners are given a plaque and a $1,000 scholarship.

Some of Kaitlyn ‘s accomplishments are lettering in track, cross-country, and basketball and she has a high GPA and ACT score.  The criteria for this award is quite rigorous and each applicant must submit an essay.  This year the essay subject was, ““How High School Athletics has Impacted my Life”.

We were very impressed with the essay she wrote and wanted to share a portion of it.


Sportsmanship to me is the ability to recognize the talent in someone else. It is accepting a loss with tact. Someone with good sportsmanship doesn’t let their emotions hijack their attitude. Sportsmanship requires self-control to not get upset over a bad referee call or a bad start on the track. It is acknowledging the opposing team is still human and treating them as such. It is retaining pride in yourself, your team, and your program. It is staying positive with your teammates as well as your opponents and never blaming one person for a loss. It is helping someone up after they fall. Sportsmanship is putting others before yourself. It is respect for your teammates, coaches, and opponents. One example that has really impacted me is that of two friends, Mac and Cam. Cam has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. No one would ever believe he would be on the track and cross-country teams. Yet he was. Mac is an incredible example of sportsmanship. He pushed Cam in his special running chair every day in practice and every race; he never missed a single one. Mac was an incredible athlete and could’ve competed with the best of the runners; but, instead of thinking of himself, Mac sacrificed his own glory and would-be awards to help out a friend. Cam loved to feel the wind as Mac pushed him and Mac never complained. I’ve always tried to be like Mac: to put others’ needs before my own.

Way to go Kaitlyn!  This is quite an accomplishment.

To find out more about the scholarship and its purpose go to the following link.


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